Maior de Mendoza

Maior de Mendoza

Maior de Mendoza is one of Galicia’s very first wineries, set up by the Barros family in 1978 before the Rias Baixes D.O. was even created. They, therefore, have some of the oldest and most revered vines in the entire D.O. and have, over the last half century, become leaders in producing award-winning, Atlantic-style Albariño that they export all over the world.

Based in Pontevedra, surrounded by vineyards and is on the hillside that descends on the fishing village of Carril, famous for producing the best clams in the world.

The process that has made Maior de Mendoza famous in Rías Baixas, is the use of lees, in which they have been pioneers, a technique they have been applying since their first harvest, when it was almost unknown in Galicia.

As always sustainable farming is practiced. No herbicides, insecticides or environmentally damaging products are used. Everything is done by hand.

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