Monte Zovo

Monte Zovo

MONTE ZOVO is not only a hill in the hinterland of the beautiful Lake Garda near the town of Bardolino, but also a winery. This has been located on the hill for almost one hundred years.

The success story of the Cottini family began in 1925, when Carlo Cottini founded the first family winery. At that time, in addition to vines, the company cultivated fruit varieties such as cherries, plums, apricots as well as olives. Cattle were also bred.

The following generations specialized in wine production. In 1965, Raffaello Cottini bought the Caprino Veronese vineyard, the seat of today’s winery. Today, Diego Cottini, together with his family, continues the tradition. Meanwhile, the estate has increased to almost 140 hectares of vineyards.

But the family business also attaches great importance to sustainability. The winery is located on a hill crest. Thus, the entire production cycle runs from top to bottom. But it was above all an idea of Diego Cottini that made the winery famous at the end of the 90s: The high mountain vineyards lacked any rot or fungus. And by inspiring the Appassimento method to produce Amaraone, he started to harvest the grapes only after the first frost and to subject them to a further drying on the straw mat. The independent wine “Calinverno” was born.

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