Georg Preisinger, TAPA, Muskateller, 2019, Burgenland, Austria

Producer Profile

Viticulture has been the focus of the Preisinger family for five generations. What began in 1851 as mixed farming with animal husbandry has developed over generations into today’s winery.

5th Generation Georg Preisinger,  put it quite simply in and of itself: “You can taste the origin of good wine. The love for it, too.”

The rocket is a carefully chosen symbol for their wines. It stands for the journey through time that becomes possible through the enjoyment of strong-charactered wines: The immersion into a past year, the taste structure of the past handed down through time to the present. Sun, coolness, rain, dryness. But also, the overcoming of distances – which good wine masters so well. By the way, you can experience a journey through time of the special kind on board our top wines: with up to 47-year-old vines that encompass some of the oldest vegetative memories of the vineyards of Gols.


An orange wine – treated only with the ash from the Agnihotra fire.

Agnihotra is a fundamental fire technique of HOMA therapy and has already been described in the Vedas as a process from the sciences of bioenergy, medicine, climatology and agriculture.

Agnihotra is performed at sunrise and sunset. Healing energy is created by burning specified ingredients in a pyramid-shaped copper vessel. They remaining ash is then let down with water creating a completely organic, natural spray.


Chilled maceration and fermentation, with 2 weeks on the skins. Only a portion of the pressed wine is then added back to avoid excessive tannin and to achieve clearer fruit expression. Aging: in used 500-litre barrels for 36 months.

Tasting Note

The ‘TAPA’ Muscatel is characterized by a fragrant and intense aroma. On the nose, it unfolds floral notes of rose petals, jasmine, and orange blossoms. On the palate, the ‘TAPA’ Muscatel presents itself with lively acidity. The fruity nuances of lemons, green apples, and peaches are clearly recognisable.

Goes well with

Orange wine is versatile and can pair with a variety of dishes. Due to its complex flavours and texture, it pairs well with spicy, savoury, or even slightly sweet dishes. Some popular pairings include aged cheeses, spicy Asian cuisine, dishes with Oriental spices, as well as dishes with bold flavours like grilled meats or mushroom dishes.


3-6 years with careful cellaring.


Varieties: Muskateller 100%
Colour: Orange
ABV: 13.5%
Closure: Vinolok
Style: Still Wine
Case Size: 6 x 75cl
Country: Austria
Region: Burgenland
Vintage: 2019

Don’t just take our word for it…

Decanter, World Wine Awards – SILVER – 90 pts.



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